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  1. Discontinue use if you experience an increase in pain or any other symptoms and consult your physician immediately.
  2. Avoid direct pressure on spinal column vertebrae or any other bones.
  3. Ease into the frequency and duration of your Healthy Body Ball massages. Don't overdo it.
  4. Using Healthy Body Ball while driving is not recommended.
  5. This is not a toy! Healthy Body Ball is intended to be utilized as a massage aid only.

Read the instructions and precautions thoroughly and completely and use only as directed. The manufacturer will not be liable for use not strictly in adherence to the instructions. Do not throw the ball; do not heat, incinerate, cool, freeze or tear it. It is not designed for children, and is for adult use only.


Healthy Body Ball - Self-Help Home Massage Therapy Tool

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Trigger Point Massage Tool developed by Massage Therapist
to relieve pain in sore, tight muscles.