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How To Use / Directions

  1. Read through the entire User's Guide, especially the precautions on the last page, before using Healthy Body Ball.
  2. Find a large, flat area where you can lay on Healthy Body Ball. The harder the surface, the deeper the massage. Begin with a carpeted floor area or mat on a hardwood or tiled floor. If you are sensitive to physical pain or if this is your first massage experience, begin on a mattress. Three additional ways to use Healthy Body Ball include sitting in a chair, as a foot massager or a hand-held massager. Use cushions or a folded towel to raise or lower the height of Healthy Body Ball to control pressure.

  3. Focus on your body. Lay quietly for 10 seconds and take several deep breaths. Notice where you feel tightness or discomfort in your muscles and start your massage there. These points of pain or discomfort in your muscles are trigger points, the areas on which you want to apply Healthy Body Ball. As you work with Healthy Body Ball pay attention to the sensations in your body so that you can regulate how much pressure to apply. This is one of many benefits of a home massage trigger point therapy tool, you control the amount of pressure. Do what feels best to your body.

  4. Let gravity do the work. Once you position the Healthy Body Ball on the trigger point, let your body weight settle onto the Healthy Body Ball so that the pressure is transferred to the trigger points that need attention. Work on one trigger point at a time, holding the pressure for approximately 10 to 20 seconds.

  5. LET PAIN BE YOUR FRIEND. It is perfectly normal for the trigger point to feel like a sharp pain or dull ache when Healthy Body Ball is applied. It is a muscle area that is in spasm. Remember the pain gradually decreases as the trigger point releases. If you start with the pain at 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being intense pain, hold the pressure on the trigger point until the intensity of the pain diminishes to 3. Increase the pressure applied to the point as it starts to release.

  6. Work additional muscles around that point to release the whole area. Work one area at a time. Go slowly. Roll around on the ball to find the next trigger point or area you want to work.

  7. Relax. While using Healthy Body Ball, take deep diaphragmatic breaths. Concentrate on relaxing your entire body. The more you relax the affected muscle, the faster the spasm will release.

  8. Use Healthy Body Ball often. Give yourself a massage as often as your body feels it needs one. The more regular and frequent your massages, the more beneficial the results. Start with a moderate schedule to see how your body responds and then build up to a regular schedule.

  9. Stretch. In conjunction with Healthy Body Ball stretching is highly recommended. Stretch and use moist heat to complement your massage. Stretching the areas of tightness for 30 seconds to one minute will greatly enhance the benefits of your therapeutic massage. Consult a stretching book if you are not sure how to properly stretch. Applying moist heat in the form of a hot towel or soaking in warm water also greatly accelerates your healing and adds to the benefits of therapeutic massage. Trigger Point Therapy with Healthy Body Ball releases toxins and waste in the muscles. Soaking your body will help remove the toxins and relax the muscles.

  10. Drink lots and lots of fresh water. This helps flush the toxins and waste from the body so that it can return to a healthy, normal state.


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