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About Healthy Body Ball

This revolutionary home massage tool may help to:

  • relieve muscle pain, discomfort and tightness

  • prevent pain from recurring

  • improve your range of motion and flexibility

  • improve your overall strength and stamina by increasing blood circulation

  • interrupt the pain-spasm-pain cycle without chemicals.

With Healthy Body Ball in position, the user’s body weight against the nubbins of the ball supplies enough pressure to allow the trigger point to release. The floor, a wall or a chair can be used for this application.

Designed to access hard-to-reach muscles, the Healthy Body Ball allows users to self-massage areas which previously required an extra set of hands.

Highly effective as a complementary treatment between physical therapy, massage therapy and chiropractic visits.


Medical research documents all these therapeutic benefits of massage. Now, with Healthy Body Ball, you can enjoy a healing Trigger Point Therapy massage in the comfort of your own home, with you in control. The nodules on the ball are designed to simulate the action of the thumbs and elbows of a Trigger Point Therapy massage therapist.

Just follow the simple steps outlined in the User's Guide and you will receive the benefits of Trigger Point Therapy that thousands of my massage clients have received over the years.

Happy healing!
Cheryl Zemont-Payne, LMT

Developer, Healthy Body Ball

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Fax: (520) 762-1917

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Trigger Point Massage Tool developed by Massage Therapist
to relieve pain in sore, tight muscles.